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Fakultät BCI
Dr.-Ing. Jens Bartsch

Granulation and Milling

Current Research Projects

Completed Research Projects

Mechanisms of Pellet Formation in Extrusion/Spheronization

Pharmaceutical Pellets are spherical agglomerates with a smooth surface and narrow size distribution. Before being filled into a capsule or pressed into a tablet, pellets often undergo surface modifications like functional coatings. This can decrease side effects and increase safety by regulation the drug liberation.

investigation and description of the granulation mechanisms associated with spheronization

  • breakage
  • attrition and agglomeration
  • plastic deformation

evaluation of particle dynamics within the spheronizer by particle image velocimetry (PIV)
evaluation of the influence of different material and process parameters on the events in the spheronizer

  • development of a scaling model
  • prediction of pellet properties

read more: Maria Evers

Dissolution Behavior of Non-isometric and Non-isotropic Particles

A challenge in the development of new active ingredients is the low water solubility of the new molecules, caused by large molecular weights and lipophilic properties. This also leads to a low bioavailability of these substances. Therefore, a more detailed understanding of the dissolution process of drug molecules is needed.
read more: Dominik Sleziona

Mechanisms of Uniaxial Powder Compression

One concept within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is process intensification. This approach should lead to more efficient processes. In the process step “direct compression” tablets were produced by compressing dry powder without any pretreatment strep. In this work specific subareas of this simple method to manufacture tablets, namely “die filling”, “blending” and “lubrication”, should be investigated.
read more: Maren Zimmermann

Melt Milling for Bioavailability Enhancement

One of the major problems for the development of new drug substances is the poor aqueous solubility. New and innovative formulation techniques to increase the dissolution rate as well as the solubility of the drug need to be researched in order to enhance their respective bioavailability.

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