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Dipl. Pharm. Maria Evers


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Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering
Laboratory of Solids Process Engineering
Emil-Figge-Str. 68
44227 Dortmund



Granulation can facilitate processing of powders by increasing the particle size, therefore enhancing flowability, reducing dust formation and preventing demixing. A common granulation technique for pharmaceuticals is the pelletization by extrusion/spheronization. However, the mechanisms of pellet formation remain a field of active research.


For the production of pharmaceutical pellets, cylindrical granules made by wet extrusion are transferred into a spheronizer. Inside the spheronizer, which consists of a rotating bottom plate surrounded by a cylindrical jacket, the extrudate strands break, deform and exchange mass, until a nearly spherical shape is reached.

However, the magnitude of influence on the rounding process of each of these mechanisms remains unknown. Aim of this work is therefore further investigation on the pellet formation mechanisms. The influence of material properties and process parameters on the palletization is also to be measured, as well as the particle dynamics inside the spheronizer.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2016 PhD at the Laboratory of Solids Process Engineering, TU Dortmund
2016 Licensed as Pharmacist
Diploma studies at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy, HHU Düsseldorf
2014/2015 Trainee in Pharmacy ‘Apotheke am Südring’, Düsseldorf
2010 - 2014 Pharmacy Studies, HHU Düsseldorf
2004 - 2010 Arnold-Janssen-Gymnasium (Neuenkirchen)
Born January 21st , Emsdetten (Germany)