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Fakultät BCI

Particle Technology



Advanced particle size analysis, adhesion of particles and impact on bulk mechanics, handling of particulate ma-terials, behaviour of single particles and swarms in fluids, separation of particles from fluids under two and three phase conditions, fluidized beds, cake and deep bed and cross-flow filtration, cyclones and centrifuges as well as scrubbers for particle removal from gases, technical classification of particles, mixing of particles and fluids, seg-regation behavior.

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Course Information

Course PT (MA PSE)
Scope 2V + 1Ü
Language English
Module Particle Technology
Term Winter



  • Particle Size/Particle Shape
  • Particle Density/Particle Surface
  • Rheology
  • Particles in Fluids
  • Filtration/Sieving/Sifting
  • Powder Flow
  • Wet Granulation
  • Dry Granulation
  • Drying: Conduction, Radation, Convection