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Fakultät BCI
Dipl.-Chem. Gerhard Schaldach

Spray and Dispersing Processes

Current Research Projects

Development of a Continuous Coating Process for Solid Dosage Forms

Following Quality-by-Design concepts, the pharmaceutical industry is gradually adopting continuous manufacturing processes.
While most processes are inherently suited for continuous manufacturing or easily converted (i.e. extrusion, tableting or roller compaction), continuous coating processes have proved more challenging to implement.
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Completed Reasearch Projects

Preparation of Submicron Particles by Spray Drying

One of the major problems for the development of new drug substances is the poor aqueous solubility. The preparation of submicron sized particles (0.1-1µm) can increase the dissolution rate as well as the solubility of the drugs, thus increases their bioavailability. In this work spray drying is used for the generation of submicron sized particles.
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