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Enrico Ercolin, M.Sc.


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(+49)231 755-2108

Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering
Laboratory of Solids Process Engineering
Room G3-4.12
Emil-Figge-Str. 68
44227 Dortmund



Spray dryers transform liquids, suspensions, or emulsions into powders. Modifying the properties of the resulting powder can be achieved through atomization or sample preparation processes. For instance, improving powder flowability or dissolution behavior. Therefore, the new sample introduction systems will be researched and developed in the project.

The atomizers known as Metal Mesh Atomizers have been utilized to a limited degree and require further research. The atomizers are comprised of a membrane that is perforated and vibrated by a piezoelectric ceramic (figure 1). The membrane features conical openings through which the liquid emerges resulting in atomization. Although this process is essential, the atomization mechanism remains unclear and is elucidated in this study.

Setup for atomization with a metal mesh atomizer

Efforts are underway to develop a flow injection system that will enable the continuous manufacturing of submicron drug particles encapsulated in a matrix. Reducing particle sizes leads to an increase in dissolution rate, as it achieves enhanced surface area to volume ratio. However, handling submicron particles poses challenges due to their poor bulk properties. To facilitate handling and obtain a highly flowable powder, embedding the submicron drug particles is recommended.