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Fakultät BCI

Doctoral Defense Maren Zimmermann


Purpose: Although tablets are the most common dosage forms for the application of active pharmaceutical ingredients, an in-depth process understanding, especially regarding the flow behavior in a rotary tablet press, is frequently still missing in tablet manufacturing.

Methods: Therefore, an inline UV/Vis measurement method was implemented and verified to gather experimental data fast and reliable. Modeling the residence time distributions provided an insight into the powder flow and, hence, the mixing behavior in this process unit.

Results: Next to the experimental analyses, the powder flow was successfully described via numerical simulations using the Euler-Euler model, which is an alternative approach to the commonly used discrete element method.

Conclusion: In case of unavoidable wide residence time distributions, the traditionally used internal lubrication method might negatively affect the raw material and, hence, the product. The external lubrication process using an electrically charged lubricant was shown to be a promising method minimizing these negative effects.